Selected EU directivesLegal and social requirements for consumer products have increased drastically during the past years (RoHS, REACH, Eco Design Directive, …). Therefore, the organization required and the risks of sales bans, callbacks and liability are more and more important for companies. Besides that the portion of products sourced from foreign countries (mainly Asia) is still growing and the direct control is often difficult to achieve.

The "market placer" – not always identical with the manufacturer - is responsible for product compliance.

 The following questions are very important in the compliance process:

  • How do you create the requirement profiles for your products concerning all relevant EU directives and national legal regulations?
  • How does your company steer the changes and adaptations for all directives/regulations?
  • Do all the responsible people have access to all documents all the time?
  • How do you controll/document, if your suppliers (finished products/components) do follow the legal requirements?
  • How do you supervise and document the production of your suppliers, sub-contractors and own factories?
  • How often are pre-shipment-inspections accomplished and where are the results documented?
  • How do you control the compliance process of license products?